W i l l i a m  B a t e s o n  A r c h i t e c t

​​Architectural services - what is available:​​

​​​ Schematic design:
Preliminary sketches and renderings to establish the general idea.

Design Development:
The general idea becomes specific: materials, fixtures, cabinet elevations, exact dimensions and more.

Construction Documents:
The construction documents – the drawings and the specification – often become part of the contract for construction.   This can ensure the work is built correctly and the price does not change during construction   Drawings can include detailed notes and cross sections such as roof flashing or wood cabinets and the specification can contain standards for workmanship, required materials and other information.  The specification for a large office building with nice finishes can be several large volumes requiring a specialist consultant; for a home renovation it is often a few pages.    

Bidding and Award:
For medium and larger projects, it is advisable to work with industry standard documents including the standard AIA Owner-Contractor Agreement with General Conditions.  Your architect can prepare bidding rules and instructions and can meet with bidders, answer questions and prepare the full bid package including edits to the standard owner-contractor agreement. For larger jobs, the owner will also require an attorney to review that owner-contractor agreement.      

DOB Permits and filings:
For most projects I hire professional expediters who help with the papers required for a building permit for projects in NYC.  Also understand that in NYC your architect can file a job under either professional certification or else under standard filing.  Standard filing usually takes much longer, but it is required in certain buildings in NYC.

Construction Phase:
It is prudent to request your architect make occasional site visits during construction to observe quality of work and answer contractor questions.  I will require several site visits as part of my work.  Contractors will often ask questions only when the architect is present on the site; it is somehow easier. For larger jobs, certain inspections are required by law.

Your construction budget, private personal information and other details of the project can remain private.  Your construction budget especially will remain private unless you indicate otherwise. 

Each job can require a different level of effort in some areas, or no work in others.   The first step of any job is to anticipate the balance between the client's budget and the available services;  there is a "sweet spot" or point of diminishing returns from time spent on drawings and other work that varies with each job.   This is the topic of the free initial consultaion. 

Understanding Design Fees